Made in Central New York: Top US tech company calls Downtown Syracuse home

Terakeet employs nearly 200; client list includes top brands known globally

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A top US tech company is thriving in a place you might not expect to find it, Downtown Syracuse.

Terakeet employs nearly 200 people-- the vast majority in an office in Armory Square,  and a handful work remotely from cities across the country.

The two founders say it hasn't always been so successful.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Patrick Danial says, "So for a very, very  long time we destroyed our credit, owed people money, were in debt, scrambled, failed, tried different businesses."

"We were laughed at by a lot of people that said you're never going to be able to create a technology company in Syracuse and we actually believed that for awhile and we had an address on our website that was a Boston address, I think it was a PO Box probably at the time."  Co-Founder and CEO Mac Cummings tells NewsChannel 9.

After struggling for several years the teenagers turned into young adults who started to get some traction.

Cummings says,  "2007 we worked at the Presidential level of a political campaign and it was after that that big companies like Coca-Cola and others started calling us, we were a little unprepared to be able to handle those level of clients."

The co-founders say the key was getting laser focused on what they're really good at, then developing a business plan.

"I'd say we're the best in the world at helping enterprise drive traffic to their websites through Google search."  Says Cummings.

They have a client list of 85 global household names, although they're unable to name them publicly.

They can say that the team at Terakeet strives at making sure their clients are part of that very small portion of links making the first page of a Google search, without any kind of paid placement.

Cummings explains,  "About 50 percent of the traffic they're getting to their website or more is coming through a search engine of some kind so they're already benefiting from that channel but they really need a partner like us if they want to dominate a category."

They say the company gets influential bloggers and writers, and not celebrity types, to talk about their clients brands driving traffic to those company's websites through Google.

They also have another emerging piece of the company to help brands who's name goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

"And while most companies used to call us when they had a crisis and come through our website we found more now companies are preparing themselves for future attacks."  Cummings says.

Cummings and Danial says their team plus the proprietary software they've developed at Terakeet allows them to accomplish their work so well and so quickly.

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