Town board votes to keep Seneca Meadows landfill

WATERLOO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - In a three to two vote, town board members in the Waterloo area elected to keep the Seneca Meadows landfill open.

The landfill will no longer be shut down by the end of 2025.

Those in support of keeping it open say it’s worth the $3 million a year that the landfill brings in.

The town supervisor has previously said taxes would increase significantly without it.

But some say maybe a vote was not the right decision; that one board member in particular might have a conflict of interest. When Councilman Tom Ruzicka was running last year, he accepted $4,000 in campaign funds from Seneca Meadows.

"Seneca Meadows is a business, I'm business-oriented, take that money from a business? Sure," said Ruzicka.

But Ruzicka says he's been open about his relationship with the dump.

"It's a business; I took money from a business, it's all legal, it's recorded, I'm not hiding anything at all," said Ruzicka.

Upset neighbors are already taking the next step; they're working to bring the town board to court, saying the vote was not right; they're hoping they can get the law turned around.

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