Town of Salina demanding answers about dilapidated garage

Homeowner says she hasn't been contacted

MATTYDALE (WSYR-TV) - A garage in Mattydale has neighbors so fed up that now the Town of Salina wants to step in.

Neighbors say having the Breman Avenue home right in their backyard has been a problem for awhile.

"That house has been in disrepair for well over 10 years what is taking the Town of Salina so long?" said neighbor Joann McLuckie.

The town says they've tried; they say they've sent several notices asking the property to be cleaned up and the garage fixed up, after a falling branch destroyed the garage roof, and they have gone unanswered.

"Most of the properties we do are unoccupied so there's never any confrontation when we go do what we need to do. In this case, basically if we began a cleanup, they can say 'stop, get off my property' and we don't want to have any conflict," said Mark Nicotra, Salina Town Supervisor.

But now the town says they've had enough; they're working on a formal notice that would give the homeowner a little over two weeks to show some progress as well as force her to go speak in front of the Town Board.

"We don't want to just go in and throw everything out." Nicotra said.

The homeowner says she hasn't had any contact with the town, but she says that she would be willing to work with the town if someone approaches her. She has plans to clean up her yard and the garage this summer. 

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