Two skydiving incidents occur in Ovid on Sunday

OVID, N.Y. - Two skydiving incidents in the Finger Lakes happened just hours apart Sunday, according to Skydive Finger Lakes.

The company located in the Town of Ovid says the incidents both happened around 1:00 p.m., but  are separate and unrelated.

Skydive Finger Lakes says the first incident involved an experienced skydiver with approximately 1000 jumps to his credit.

During the jump, the skydiver deployed his parachute without incident, but sustained a hip injury while executing an advanced landing maneuver. 

The second incident involved an emergency plane landing. After dropping skydivers, a pilot had a mechanical issue and had to perform an emergency landing in a nearby field.

After touching down in a muddy, newly tilled field, the aircraft turned over.

First responders say the pilot was found conscious and uninjured. The pilot was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out and was released hours later.

The cause of both incidents are being investigated by the FAA and local law enforcement.

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