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Tyler the Creator: Wegmans is the greatest grocery store ever

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) - Tyler the Creator weighed in on the battle between Wegmans and Whole Foods during an appearance in Rochester.

The rapper performed Wednesday night at the Main Street Armory. During the show, Tyler detailed his first trip to Rochester's favorite grocery store.

In a video posted on Twitter, Tyler goes on a nearly two-minute, and often profane, rant about Wegmans.

In the video, Tyler tells the crowd about a conversation he had with a driver when he arrived in Rochester. Tyler says he told the driver, "You ain't got [anything] out here."

In response, "[The driver said] 'Aww you know what we do got? We got a nice grocery store."

And when Tyler got to the store, he was impressed. "They got the nicest [expletive] store I've ever been to."

"Oh my god, they got sushi in there," Tyler adds. "And they make bread next door!"

"Whole Foods is trash compared to this [expletive]," Tyler told the packed crowd.

You can click here to see the video (Warning: It contains profane language).

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