Voss Signs in Manlius keeps people informed around the world

Company started 50-years ago making only Posted land signs

MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Voss Signs in Manlius continues to build on its success by extending its reach to more places in the world as far away as Australia.

Voss Signs got its start 50 years ago with a very simple land ‘Posted’ sign that founder John Voss made for some friends to keep trespassers off their land.

The sign was so popular Voss decided it was worth selling, for 15-cents a piece in 1967.

They are still as popular as ever with Voss Signs cranking out well over a million ‘Posted’ signs every year.

Voss Signs Vice President Jeff Woodworth says, "There's just so many different areas that we're involved with with so many different types of signs that it's just almost impossible to explain."

They do just about every kind of printing you can think of, starting with traditional screen printers that still need to rack dry overnight before the ink is dry.

They eventually moved into ultraviolet screen printers where the moment the designs pass under the light, the ink is dry to the touch.

For about the past decade Voss Signs began doing digital printing which can include a multitude of colors for their customers.

Voss Signs Owner Jim Menter, a family friend of John Voss, bought the company in 1998.

“It’s kinda like going to art class everyday, it's something new everyday." Menter tells NewsChannel 9.

The bulk of the work focuses on outdoor signs, heavy with government agencies from the federal level all the way down to the village level.

Right now, Voss Signs has a client database of 60,000 customers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and even sales in Australia.

Woodworth says, "We hear from other people all over the place that they were in a state or in a town and they saw our signs and I of course look for those all the time."

The messages can be simple or more detailed and about as artistic as the client wants.

Voss Signs is constantly adding big things and little things to its mix like custom printing golf balls with its high tech machine that can print on almost anything.

Menter says, "It started in Manlius and that's where it still is today 50 years later."

Voss Signs had 7 employees, including the owners, when Jim Menter bought the company.  It now has 37 people working for it.

Click here to see the product line from Voss Signs.

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