Watch the NewsChannel 9 staff try grocery delivery from Wegmans to answer your questions

DEWITT (WSYR-TV) - All Wegmans stores in Onondaga County began home delivery service Tuesday, using the Instacart app.

NewsChannel 9 tried the service to learn more about how it works and asked the company to answer some customer questions.

1) Should you tip the driver?
It's up to each customer. There's an option for a tip to be added to your grand total at check out.

2) Do you have to be home for delivery or can it be dropped off unattended?
You don't have to be. The driver can leave it on your doorstep. Wegmans can't protect your groceries from other humans, animals or the temperature.

3) Can you order from Wegmans hot bar or sub shop?
No. The service doesn't work for cafe items. The closest options are Wegmans E-Z meals.

4) Can you specify ripeness, like in the case of a banana or avocado?
Yes. In the app, there's a "notes" area to leave specific instructions. The shopper will do his or best to get as close to your request as possible.

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