Weather breakdown: January's roller coaster

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - January was a roller coaster ride! And one for the record books. We experienced a little bit of everything the past 31 days in central New York. Here’s a look back at the numbers.

*Note, the numbers are in reference to the official measurements taken at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport and the period of record is 1949-present.


First of all, this January was definitely snowier than last January. Total snowfall for January 2018 was 44.5” making it the 15th snowiest on record. Total snowfall for January 2017 was only 8.4”making it the least snowiest on record. In fact, we had more snow on the 13th (8.9”) than we did all of January last year.

This January was also the snowiest January we’ve seen since 2011 when 48.2” was measured. The average amount of snow in Syracuse for the month is 34”, if you do the math, we were 7.3” above that.


Even though it was quite a snowy month and overall the average temperature was about 2° below normal, we still managed to feel the warmth! Our highest temperature of the month was 62° on the 12th. The lowest temperature, recorded the morning of the New Year, was -15°. Both of these temperatures were records for the airport.

The warmest day of the month was also the wettest with more than 1.5” and to make it even more interesting, the 13th was the snowiest with 8.9” of snow…that was the time period where we had a temperature change of about 50° in 24 hours.

Believe it or not, even with our temperature extremes, our highs were as close to a 50/50 split of above average and below average as they could be for a calendar month with 31 days.

February outlook:

February is looking cold and snowy, or at least the next 2 weeks are. Don’t be surprised to have the arctic air and lake effect snow machine cranking.

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