Weedsport Speedway gears up for big weekend race

WEEDSPORT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Dirt racing is one of the most unique sports you can find in Central New York, Weedsport Speedway is getting ready for a big race this weekend.

“We'll see cars approach 100 miles per hour or faster around this racetrack depending on the race conditions, how the dirt is actually playing with the race cars that night whether it's sticky and really fast or sometimes it dries out and gets a little slippery and the guys have to man-handle the cars a little more,” said Speedway public relations manager Dan Kapuscinski.

The experience for race fans has improved in the past few years, as new owners have done some major renovations -- including new bleachers and rest rooms, a gift shop and more.

While the dirt cars may look like just another race car, it actually has a lot of differences that sets it apart from maybe a NASCAR or IndyCar.

“These dirt modifieds are about 2,500 pounds. They have a 454 cubic inch big block engine which is actually bigger than you'll see in a NASCAR vehicle, and they have big grooved tires to help them get through the dirt and mud,” Kapuscinski said.

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