What Sherrill Manufacturing hopes comes from recent White House visit

SHERRILL (WSYR-TV) - Sherrill Manufacturing CEOs Greg Owens and Matt Roberts drove through the night to get back to New York and with only a little sleep in the car, couldn't wait to get back to the factory.

Everybody was waiting to hear more about their visit with President Donald Trump, where both got to meet him and the vice president to talk about their products.

President Trump seemed surprised that there's only one company producing flatware anywhere in the United States.

Owens says, "Liberty Tabletop is now on the map and Sherrill, New York, the smallest city in New York, is back on the map."

The little company is now getting big attention and they hope it helps the patriotic name stick.

Roberts says, "I love Oneida Limited. I worked for them for a number of years, but we can't shake that name. I talk to people. They say, 'I've got your product. I've got Oneida.' Well, I used to work for Oneida but we're Liberty Tabletop."

For the owners, they hope the visit will bring them more business, which will ultimately help their employees.

Owens and Roberts left behind their 65-piece set of the Betsy Ross pattern at the White House, with hopes even more of their product will get there.

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