What's in store? Orangetheory Fitness and Smart Bottle Return Center

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - There's a new fitness center coming to DeWitt. 

Orangetheory Fitness looks just like it sounds, with orange lighting and water bottles, and the trainers even wear orange sneakers.

The center focuses on class-based workouts and uses heart rate monitors to help you reach a maximum workout. 

Orangetheory Fitness is opening along Erie Boulevard in DeWitt, in the plaza right next to Natur-Tyme.

And in Syracuse, there's a new place to cash in your empties!

The Smart Bottle Return Center is now open along South Salina Street, near East Colvin. 

It's open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. and trades all of your redeemable cans and bottles for cash. 

If you'd like to know what's in store, email us at YourStories@LocalSYR.com.



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