Why state Senators and Assemblymen formed the 'Mohawk Valley 9'

CENTRAL NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) - They call themselves the "Mohawk Valley 9:" Seward, Magee, Griffo, Valesky, Tedisco, Butler, Blankenbush, Brindisi and Miller.

Four state senators and five assemblyman, both Republicans and Democrats, joining together.

The group first formed to help deal with the threatened closure of Vernon Downs. Once that mission was accomplished, the had a reason to stay together as a group - the devastating flooding in Madison and Oneida County.

Friday, the group released the following statement with their latest mission - getting more flood relief for their suffering constituents: 

“Many residents of the Mohawk Valley have suffered through four significant floods over the last six years.  The flooding on July 1st was especially severe, leaving many property owners with significant foundation damage, and the loss of water heaters, furnaces, and other major appliances. Local governments were forced to quickly repair roads and other infrastructure damaged by the flooding.

We greatly appreciate the assistance several state agencies provided under Governor Cuomo’s direction to help in the immediate aftermath of the flood, but more help is needed.  We are asking the Governor for two things: first, we are requesting additional state resources to help homeowners, businesses, and municipalities deal with repairs. We also are asking the appropriate state agencies to work with local governments to develop a long- term flood mitigation plan, along with providing further state funding for efforts to minimize future flood damage to property owners.”

The nine have co-written a letter to Governor Cuomo with their request.

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