Why Syracuse Mayoral candidate Ben Walsh broke family tradition to change party

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - Politics is in Ben Walsh's blood. His dad is former Congressman Jim Walsh, but he's following in the footsteps of his grandfather, William Walsh, by running for Mayor of Syracuse.

Walsh tells NewsChannel 9, "I'm proud to have the last name Walsh. I have amazing role models. Not just in my father and grandfather, but in so many more family members. My mother, my grandmother, my wife, who's now a Walsh."

Unlike his father and grandfather, Ben Walsh is not a Republican. When he registered at age 18, he didn't choose a party.

Walsh says, "I'd love to say when I was 18, I didn't enroll in a party, and I did it for very thoughtful reasons. The reality was I was 18 and maybe that was my little act of youthful defiance."

Running as Independent is a challenge for most candidates, but Walsh says he's up for the challenge.

When it comes to issues, Walsh says he aligns more with Republicans, but he worked for a Democratic Mayor.

Walsh led business development for Mayor Stephanie Miner and had a hand in projects like Hotel Syracuse and the Landbank.

He says, "Mayor Miner as my boss put me in a position to do that, so I'm grateful for that. Did I always agree with the mayor? Certainly not."

If elected, Walsh wants to focus on improving the quality of life in Syracuse neighborhoods, public safety, vacant properties and the city schools.

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