Why the Constitutional Convention is on this year's ballot

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - Around town, you may see just as many signs promoting a position on the Constitutional Convention as do with names of candidates for typical races.

Proposition One on this year's ballot will ask you "YES" or "NO" about a Constitutional Convention.

In school, students learn a lot about the U.S. Constitution, but New York State has its own.

WCNY's "The Capitol Pressroom" Host and WCNY Capitol Correspondent Susan Arbetter says, "the U.S. Constitution is this revered, venerated institution that no one is going to mess with. The State Constitution really isn't. It's really, really overwritten. There's stuff in there that really needs to go."

The document is dozens of pages, 50,000 words not edited since 1938.

Every 20 years, voters have the chance to change it. But it's only happened twice in the last century.

If allowed, delegates will be elected in November of 2018. A convention would convene in Albany in April of 2019, before changes go before all voters in November 2019.

It's up to every voter to do research to decide which way to vote.

Arbetter says:

"When you go into the voting booth, don't vote out of fear. Vote from a place of education. Learn what the issues are. There are many opporuntieis here. There are also a lot of risks. You need to be comfortable with how you vote. Don't simply look at the lawn signs 'yes' or 'no.'"

Propositions are listed on the back of the ballot, so be sure to flip over your paper before submitting it.

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