With 1 million people expected at Fair, some concerned about neighboring Crucible's appearance

GEDDES (WSYR-TV) - With nearly one million people expected at the New York State Fair, many of those will pass by Crucible Industries, the longtime neighbor to the Fairgrounds.

Regular fairgoer John Capozzi wrote the Your Stories inbox with concerns about how Crucible's 100-year-old factory looks in a high-profile location.

Capozzi says, "I can't help but notice that these buildings here for Crucible are just as dilapidated and look the same as they did four decades ago when I was a kid."

He says he loves the company and appreciates their willingness to keep jobs in Central New York, but wants the company to invest in a coat of paint.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to Crucible Industries, which didn't want to do an interview, but was willing to answer questions.

Executives explain spending decisions are a matter or priority within a limited budget and can't commit to what would be costly outside renovations. They say their priority is employing as many people as they can, more than 200 currently and keeping those jobs in Central New York, not necessarily on the factory's outside aesthetics.

Crucible Vice President William Lester also provided this statement:

Crucible Industries LLC is pleased to have played an important role in the Central New York community since 1876.

Partnering with our three local United Steelworkers unions, we have provided meaningful work and well-paying jobs to generations of local families. Additionally we continue to support our valued New York State vendors and suppliers.

Crucible funds more than $30M into the Central New York economy on an annual basis. Over the last five years, Crucible has averaged $15.4MM annually in payroll and taxes. During that same period, Crucible has averaged $15.0MM in annual purchases of products and services from New York State vendors and suppliers.

As a responsible community member we have also focused efforts on improving the environment which we share. Earlier this year Crucible implemented a closed loop, water recycling project that significantly reduced, by over 50%, our reliance and consumption of fresh water; a limited natural resource.

Steel manufacturing is a very capital intensive industry. As you can see we have, and will continue to, invest millions of dollars annually in our people, processes, equipment and community.

We look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Central New York.

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