5 years ago today: Eliot Spitzer resigns in disgrace

From scourge of Wall Street to the governor’s office to Democratic disgrace, Eliot Spitzer’s political star fell as quickly as it rose.<br /><b>Watch video from 2008 inside the story</b>
Scroll down to see video from NewsChannel 9's coverage in 2008.

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – From scourge of Wall Street to the governor’s office to Democratic disgrace, Eliot Spitzer’s political star fell as quickly as it rose.

Five years ago Tuesday, the Governor who made his name battling corruption resigned in disgrace, days after his dalliances in a high-priced hooker ring became public knowledge.

Days before a dramatic press conference in which Spitzer announced his resignation with his wife, Silda, by his side, Federal agents revealed that the governor was the subject of a wiretap.

NewsChannel 9 Coverage from 3/12/08

Raw Video: Spitzer Resigns

Law enforcement agents identified the middle aged father of three girls as Client 9, an alias used in his transactions with the escort service Emperor Club VIP.

Spitzer had multiple meetings with women from the organization and paid as much as $80,000 for prostitutes while he was Attorney General and also when he was Governor.

The Bronx-born firebrand developed his reputation as Attorney General pursuing white collar criminals on Wall Street and financial and Internet fraudsters.

In 2007, he was elected Governor of New York. During his first few months in Albany, Spitzer was criticized by members of the state legislature for his refusal to compromise.

He would also launch controversial measures seeking to legalize gay marriage and give undocumented workers drivers’ licenses.

Perhaps most notably, he suffered criticism for his administration’s role in tracking the travel habits of Senate majority leader Joe Bruno, including using State Police resources. A report from the office of then Attorney General Andrew Cuomo exonerated Bruno.

Since his resignation, Spitzer has become a mainstay in the media, hosting first a talk show on CNN and then on Al Gore’s Current-TV. He has also written regularly for Slate.

He resigned from Current-TV after the company was sold to Arab news network Al-Jazeera.

From New York City to Buffalo, the Empire State’s politicians on both sides of the aisle have developed a reputation for sex scandals. In 2011, Rep. Christopher Lee resigned after an image he sent to a woman via Craigslist was exposed.

The New York Daily News posted a list of similar scandals involving New York politicians to its website shortly after Lee quit.

Most recently, Brooklyn Congressman Anthony Wiener resigned after a series of provocative images he sent to women via social media became public knowledge.

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