A Day of Transition

<B>(Friday Morning, February 15, 2013)</B> Today’s weather is best described as a pivot point from the weather we had much of the week (relatively quiet and mild) to the upcoming much colder weekend.

On this morning’s weather map, a pair of cold fronts (the leading edge to colder air) is evident over the eastern and central portions of the Great Lakes region.  Over the next 24 hours or so, the cold fronts are forecast to move through Central New York.  In response, brisk west to southwest winds will turn into the west and northwest tonight.  Additionally, we’ll need to dodge snow showers…but probably not until later tonight and tonight.  Until then, brisk wind and some sun will have the upper hand today.

With the air cooling tonight and a brisk wind, lake effect snow showers will form.  At first, snow showers will be most likely north of Syracuse as west will be westerly.  However, as winds shift into the northwest, lake effect snow showers and flurries will shift south into the Syracuse area.  Accumulations are expected to be light, on the order of 2” or less.

Yet another cold front is forecast to work through the region tomorrow, Saturday.  This coupled with northwest flow off Lake Ontario will produce snow showers and flurries.  There are indications that a storm will develop rather quickly along one of the cold fronts as it makes its way off the New England coast tomorrow. This will be too far east to give Central New York snow, however, it will result in a blustery and very cold day.  Additionally, it will create an environment where lake effect snow showers and possibly heavier squalls will be around.  Temperatures will struggle to reach the middle teens!

The shot of cold air for the weekend should begin to exit our region by Monday afternoon as high temperatures return to the mid or upper 20s…still below average but a 10 degree improvement upon Sunday.  A storm system is forecast to take aim on the region Tuesday.  Exactly how this storm track will have a large role as to what we see with regards to precipitation type.  For now, we’ll call for rain and/or snow, however, we should have a better handle on what falls by Sunday or Monday.  More snow showers and lake effect is possible behind the system for Wednesday.   

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