A Drab Tuesday Afternoon

<B>(Tuesday Midday December 18, 2012)</B> Rain showers will continue this afternoon and become more persistent and widespread as we go through the day. Tonight it will become cold enough for wet snow to mix in. This is most likely over high elevations where there could be a light accumulation tonight.
Low pressure is forecast to move northeast to a position over northern New England by early evening.  In doing so, on and off showers will likely become steadier in nature this afternoon.  Our warmest temperatures will likely occur by early afternoon; however, as the low moves to our northeast this afternoon colder air will filter into the region.  In fact, by sunset, some higher elevations may see wet snow begin to fall.

As the air continues to cool tonight, rain showers will mix with and change to snow showers before easing.  There may even be a slushy light accumulation over the higher elevations by morning.  With brisk west to northwest winds forecast to persist well into tomorrow, clouds may be a bit stubborn for a good part of the day.  Additionally, there may be some morning rain or snow showers…but it’s quite possible we’ll need to wait until later in the day to see any meaningful sunshine.

We are becoming more confident that low pressure system, which will be responsible for rain later Thursday, will move up the St. Lawrence Valley by Friday and into northern New England.  Much colder air moving in on the backside of the storm will likely change rain to snow during the day Friday.  Then, the low is forecast to slowly meander in New England and off the Northeast coast. With cold and moist air circulating around the storm and over Lake Ontario, the potential exists for accumulating snow in Central New York Friday night and into the weekend.  Additionally, brisk and potentially strong wind will make for lower wind chill temperatures. 

It’s still rather early, but it’s looking like we are about to receive our first meaningful and impactful winter weather of the season…just in time as we officially welcome the start of winter on Friday.  Be sure to check back for updates as details may change. 
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