Apps that lead you off the beaten path

How adventurous are you? There are some new apps out there that will direct you through a city, without really telling you where you’re going. Get tips on how to get off the beaten path and explore something new.
(CNN/WSYR-TV) -- Most of us have used our phones to help us get from place to place, but the apps you’re about to learn about will take you nowhere fast – and that’s the point.

An app called "Derive" -- developed by a South African architect -- is like a game of sports, giving you a general set of cards, telling you to go this way or that. For example, you might be told to “turn left and search for something sweet.”

An iPhone app called "Serendipitor" wants folks to take detours from the normal routes, to explore city sites that are often overlooked. Serendipitor uses Google Maps to aid city wanderers.

The idea behind the apps is to get people our and walking and to explore their surroundings.

The only trick is that while you’re being guided by your smart phone, you must remember to look up and see what’s actually around you.

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