As tensions rise, many ask: What is North Korea capable of?

The U.S. confirmed Friday what many had already suspected, North Korea has a pair of missiles ready for launch. The Obama administration says North Korea has launched missiles before, and wouldn't be surprised if it did so again. So just how realistic are the North Korean threats, and what is the military there capable of doing?
(CNN/WSYR-TV) -- Video of North Korea’s military exercises are adding to the tensions in Asia. North Korea is upping the rhetoric, threatening to “mercilessly strike” its enemies, possibly with a nuclear attack.

U.S. officials confirm North Korea loaded two missiles onto mobile launchers.

“We urge them to stop with the provocations and to focus instead on meeting their international obligations and feeding their own people, they are only making themselves more and more isolated from the rest of world,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

No one is taking any chances in neighboring South Korea. At a subway station in Seoul, emergency stations are stocked with gas masks.

“We don't know for certain this is all bluster from the North Koreans. So I think it's the right mix...that is speaking in a softer tone, but maybe carrying a bigger stick,” explained Ambassador Christopher Hill, former U.S. delegate to N. Korea.

Some experts say North Korea is years away from being able to deliver a nuclear warhead, but that doesn’t mean the military isn’t capable of inflicting damage.

“I think we all know that this is an unpredictable regime, situation. Again, our posture remains to be prudent, take appropriate measures in the defense and deterrence sphere,” said State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

The potential danger zone could extend all the way to Guam where the U.S. Military is beefing up missile defense. Experts say the wildcard in this equation is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

“You see he's out in photos almost every day with military units. That was unlike his father who was more reclusive. So that's what's different here. That's what has some people on edge. But still, I think most people would say the chance of a war here is not likely,” said Ambassador Nicholas Burns, former Undersecretary of State.

The North Korean government is urging British and Russian embassy employees to consider leaving the country. So far, no one has evacuated.

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