Chilly Tomorrow then a Warm Up

<B>(Thursday Evening November 29, 2012)</B> A cold front moving through central New York will bring a quick shot of snow tonight. For most, there will be little if any accumulation but up over the Tug Hill there could be a couple of inches of new snow. It will be a chilly day tomorrow with some snow moving in during the afternoon.
A cold front dropping south out of Canada will bring the chance of snow to central New York tonight.  As the cold front moves into the counties east of Lake Ontario this evening, west-southwesterly winds will cause some lake effect to blossom in addition to precipitation will the front itself. Temperatures will be warm enough this evening for a bit of rain in lower elevations.  The front will move through the Syracuse area around midnight but with winds turning into the north then northeast we will lose the input from the lake and the snow will quickly fall apart  Accumulations will be an inch or less in most spots but there could be some 2 or 3 inch totals up over the Tug Hill.

By Friday morning, the cold front is forecast to be south of the NY/PA line. Those northeast winds we mentioned above will cause a noticeable drop in temperature. A well advertised warm is next up for us but the process of getting there will cause one more shot of wintry precipitation.  That cold front that moves through tonight will already be on the move back north as a warm front tomorrow afternoon.  As a result, we think some light snow or flurries will break out in the afternoon and continue into Friday night, a few hours earlier than we were thinking over the last few days.
Leftover snow or rain showers may fall early Saturday as temperatures rise into the 40s during the day.  Even milder air will arrive Sunday as the warm front moves north of the region.

Thereafter, the front may briefly sag south later Sunday into Monday.  This would result in the threat for showers as well as somewhat cooler air Monday.  Then, in response to a developing Mid-west storm, the front is forecast to lift back north as a warm front Tuesday.  This would mean even warmer temperatures are possible Tuesday with highs reaching well into the 50s to near 60.
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