Chilly and wet tonight, drier Columbus Day

<B>(Sunday Night October 7, 2012)</B> The frigid chill continues, and now rain has been added into the mix. Showers continue through the evening, but skies will clear overnight and temperatures drop close to the freezing mark for some.
A low pressure system is to blame for showers that have developed in central New York. The rain is light for the most part, but it is rather widespread. We’re expecting showers to continue through the evening before tapering off late. Overall, it’s going to be a chilly and wet night.

Once the rain clears, skies will begin to clear as well. As we lose the blanket of cloud cover, heat at the earth’s surface will be able to escape into the atmosphere. Any area protected from wind, like low valleys, have a shot at seeing frost tonight. Additionally, rural areas could near the freezing point and see frost as well. Right now the National Weather Service has a frost advisory in effect for Cortland, Tompkins, Jefferson, and Lewis counties (in addition to several others around central New York) through early Monday morning.

High pressure builds in on Monday, helping to quiet our weather. While we will still be on the cool side for Columbus Day, we should see more in the way of sunshine. Come Tuesday, full sun should warm things into the low 60s. A cooling trend arrives for the end of the week though as a cold front passes Wednesday afternoon and drops us back into the low 50s.

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