City of Oneida holds R&R event for flood victims

City wide event in Oneida provided support to those affected by the devastating floods earlier this summer.
Oneida (WSYR-TV) -- Its described as one of the worst floods the City of Oneida has ever seen and 90 days later, people in that part of Madison County are still picking up the pieces after losing everything they owned to raging flood waters.

As residents struggle to rebuild, the city held a special event to help raise their spirits on Saturday.

"We're homesick and we may never go home and that's hard," said resident Linda Toomey.

To raise spirits for people like Linda, the city wanted to hold a fun gathering.

"On Fourth of July weekend, I looked around down here and saw the muck, I thought what away to spend your weekend," said Mayor Max Smith. "At some point down the road we just need to celebrate our resiliency and come together as friends, family."

More than 1,000 people took the Mayor up on his offer, while others aren't quite ready for a good time.

"It's not quite a celebration. It's a thank you, I know they don't have houses to go back to. It's a slow process," said Common Councilor Helen Acker.

Many know that there is still a lot of work to be done. But they say the spirit of the people in Oneida is one of resiliency.

Many in Oneida have still not received funding from New York State, but Mayor Max Smith says he's in touch with officials to make that happen.

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