Colder with snow showers to end the week

<B>(Thursday Evening February 28, 2013)</B> We expect mainly snow showers tonight into tomorrow across central New York. Along with the snow tomorrow there will be an increase in winds which will make the temperatures in the mid 30s feel like they are in the mid 20s. The colder weather will last into the weekend.
A complex storm system over the next 24 hours is going to consolidate into one main area of low pressure off the East Coast.  This will turn our winds into the northwest and tap into some cooler air now north of us in Canada.  This colder air mass that moves over us will be over us through the upcoming weekend. 

Northwesterly winds will combine with the colder air to cause lake effect snow showers later tonight and into Friday.  The snow showers will be scattered at first Friday but we will be watching a disturbance in the jet stream winds aloft rotating around our storm off the coast.  During the afternoon, it will drop southwest through northern New York and as it gets closer to us here in central New York, we expect an increase in our snow showers.  Even with this disturbance helping the lake effect out, we aren’t expecting a big accumulation of snow.

The cold air that arrives will be reinforced over the weekend.  Temperatures in central New York will average a bit more than 10 degrees below normal for the beginning of March. Combine that with a continued north to northwesterly flow and we have to kept snow showers in the forecast for the entire weekend.
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