Father of baby Levon Wameling claims child died in his sleep

The father of a Utica infant who was found dead after being reported missing in June is apparently changing his story.
Utica (WSYR-TV) – The father of a Utica infant who was found dead after being reported missing in June is apparently changing his story.

Jevon Wameling, who is in jail on burglary charges, initially told police his son Levon Wameling disappeared off the front porch of his Utica home.

Two weeks later, he reported the child missing.

The infant’s remains were found in September – encased in a container in the bottom of the Mohawk River.

Now, his father has written a letter to the Utica Observer Dispatch claiming that the child died in his sleep.

"I was scared out of my mind, it's not everyday a man like myself finds his son dead in his sleep," Wameling told the Observer Dispatch. "That is 100 percent the truth."

An autopsy revealed that Levon Wameling had a one-inch skull fracture when his body was found. The examiners did not indicate whether the skull fracture contributed to the infant’s death.

Wameling reportedly declined to cooperate with police when they were searching for the child he had reported missing in June. Wameling told police the last day he saw his infant son was May 29, two weeks before he reported the child missing.

In the letter, Wameling declined to go into detail about what he did after finding the child dead in his sleep.

At the end of the letter, Wameling says he wants to meet with the reporter and that he’ll be straight forward with him and share his story.

His attorney said she would advise against him meeting with the press.

“The letter predated my representation of him, corresponding with the media is not something we would recommend as a defense attorney, but that was done long before I had anything to say about it,” Rebecca Wittman said.

Right now, Wameling is not facing any charges in connection to his son's death. But his attorney says if he was arrested, it would be difficult for him to receive a fair trial in Oneida County.

“If anything is going to trial there would have to be a motion made to change the venue. Whether it would be granted is another question. It would be very difficult to find jurors who hadn't heard about it and formed an opinion,” she said.

The Oneida County District Attorney declined to comment on the letter, citing its relation to an ongoing investigation.

“The investigation into the death of baby Levon is an active investigation in my office. I have three Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the case. Ethically, I cannot discuss the matter in any more detail,” McNamara said.

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