High pressure remains stagnant

<B>(Saturday Night November 17, 2012)</B> We’re quick to cool again tonight thanks to clear skies and light winds. Temperatures plummet to the mid 20s before rebounding to the low 50s on Sunday.
Not much change in the weather lately…There will only be a few subtle things going on that will impact the rest of our weekend weather.
There is actually a weak cold front moving east across southern Canada.  This front is close to central New York, but the only noticeable feature is some low clouds, mainly well to our north.  Still, this system is providing us with enough moisture that we can expect to see fog develop overnight and frost to form on our windshields and lawns.
Otherwise, high pressure will remain in control over our weather through the remainder of the weekend into early next week.  This stagnant pattern will also mean very light winds for us. The November sun is not that strong (we are about a month away from the winter solstice) but still the air over us will gradually warm and end up in the 50s for Sunday and Monday.
Looking ahead toward the middle portion of next week and the Thanksgiving Day holiday, we still think largely dry weather will be the rule.  However, there are some recent indications that a cold front may work through the region Tuesday night into the first half of Wednesday.  If this were to occur, there would be a threat for at least a few showers, but right now this looks to be rather insignificant and should have little impact on holiday travelers.  Right now, the early Thanksgiving Day outlook calls for mainly dry and mild conditions. 

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