How to report a licensed professional in NY State

If a professional massage therapist or otherwise has ever made you feel uncomfortable, report it. We'll explain how in this story.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) -- Most people understand and respect the benefits of therapeutic massage and understand the boundaries.

“It improves circulations. It helps relieve tension, stress and reduces adhesions,” explained Lauren Felice, co-owner of Avanti Healing Arts in Manlius. “When a client does not feel comfortable regarding pressure, regarding anything, if a client does not feel comfortable they should stop the treatment immediately.”

Detectives investigating allegations against Eli Guterman say many women were reluctant to come forward, some even waited years, past the Statute of Limitations.

“It’s the stigma of being a victim, afraid to come forward through this experience they learned there is safety in numbers,” Felice said.

Felice agrees and says there’s a need for therapists to protect their professional character by policing themselves.

“I have encouraged many people to report incidences and unfortunately we can only do so much. We’re a third party,” Felice continued.

To report abuse by a licensed professional, CLICK HERE.
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