Murder indictment against accused Auburn man reinstated

The indictment against an Auburn man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend has been reinstated.
Rochester (WSYR-TV) – An Auburn man is once again charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend, a Syracuse nurse.

David McNamara is accused of strangling and killing his ex-girlfriend, Katie Socci, last year. But in November, a judge threw out the indictment against him because he wasn’t allowed to testify to the Grand Jury.

Now, that decision has been overturned. The case will move forward and the District Attorney is hoping to get a trial before the end of the year.

It was last summer that 29-year-old Katie Socci’s body was discovered along a hiking trail not far from her home in Auburn, where she lived with her little girl. Months later, the child’s father and her ex-boyfriend would be charged with her murder.

“The choice to appeal, while it achieved the right result, it resulted in a year delay in the case…so now we want to move forward as quickly as possible,” said Cayuga County Assistant District Attorney Chris Valdina.

Katie’s parents have been caring for her little girl and the DA’s office tells NewsChannel 9 that they’re pleased with the latest developments.

“It’s been tough for them. But they’re strong people…they want closure; they want justice,” Valdina said.

The case will be back in County Court as early as next week. Right now, McNamara is serving a five year prison sentence on unrelated drug charges.

On Friday, the court issued a written statement explaining its decision to reverse the Cayuga County judge's dismissal and reinstate the indictment.

Although McNamara's attorney said that he was not given adequate notice regarding the murder case, the court determined that he was not entitled to notice legally.

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