K-9 dog named for Trooper Amanda Anna on patrol in CNY

The newest State Trooper is just a year and a half old and 65 pounds.
North Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - The newest State Trooper is just a year and a half old and 65 pounds.

Mandin – a German Shepard – just graduated from the State Police handler school and he’s already out solving crimes.

Mandin’s name carries a special significance for law enforcement officers, especially those in Central New York. Following with tradition, his name is a tribute to a fallen trooper – Amanda Anna – who was killed while on the job.

K-9 dogs are prepared for a number of specialized tasks that human police simply can’t replicate.

Mandin and his handler – State Trooper Mark Bender – have gone through months of training. Mandin uses his keen sense of smell to find narcotics and track suspects. Meanwhile, Bender learned how to read his dog, so he knows when he senses something.

“It’s a huge asset for my protection, for the community’s protection,” Trooper Bender said. Mandin has already used his training, recently tracking a suspect on the run and helping police search buildings.

“I know he has my back. When the lights go on, he pops right up. When I get out of the car it's eyes on me until I get back into the car. If something goes wrong, I know he's coming out and is going to help me,” Bender said.

There are more than 70 dogs on the State Police force. Two recent canine graduates are patrolling in Central New York. Mandin is based in North Syracuse, and another dog named after Trooper William Doyle is based in Fulton.

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