Mild Today, Changes for the Weekend

<B>(Thursday Morning, February 14, 2013)</B>Perhaps it’s a touch of hyperbole, but this Valentine’s Day is looking lovely. Expect a blend of clouds and sun as temperatures climb to around 40°. Clouds will take over later today, with a few rain or snow showers tonight. Much colder weather is poised to arrive for the weekend.
On this morning’s weather map, high pressure is positioned over far northwestern Maine with a pair of cold fronts over the Lower Great Lakes and Upper Plain States regions.  High pressure is expected to slowly dissipate as it advances farther east while the aforementioned cold fronts advance east.  Thus, we expect a rather quiet day and seasonably mild temperatures today.

By evening, the leading edge cold front is forecast to slice from Lower Michigan south through the Mississippi Valley.  This will result in an increase in cloud cover later today and eventually a risk for rain or snow showers tonight. If you do have evening plans celebrating Valentine’s Day, we’re not expecting anything significant to fall.

The weather map Friday morning should feature the first of the pair of cold fronts right over the immediate CNY region with the second cold front not too far behind slicing from the Great Lakes south through the Upper Mid-West.  It’s quite reasonable that Central New York will be between the two fronts for much of the day.  Meaning while a few passing rain or snow showers will be around, much of the day should be dry, and overall, a decent way to end the work week. 

Eventually, the second cold front should pass through the region Friday night allowing for sharply colder air to move into the region.  Unfortunately, there are some discrepancies as how winds will align this weekend.  Naturally, this has implications on how lake effect snow will play out.  Some computer models suggest Saturday will feature the greatest threat for lake effect snow, others suggest Sunday.

Either way, lake effect flurries and squalls will be around the region this weekend as temperatures return to below normal values.  In fact, high temperatures on Sunday may struggle to reach the middle or upper teens!

The shot of cold air for the weekend is just a two day or so affair as by Monday, our temperatures will be warming.  The next approaching area of low pressure and frontal system will put our winds into the south and keep us mild into Tuesday which means when the next round of precipitation arrives the air will be borderline for rain or snow.
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