NYC sugary drink ban spills over into coffee market; begins Tuesday

If you thought ordering coffee took a long time now, wait until Tuesday when New York City's sugar-ban kicks in. It bans any sugary drink that's larger than 20 ounces. For coffee drinkers, that means one extra step with their morning cup of joe.
(CNN) -- Dunkin’ Donuts is handing out fliers to its New York City customers on how the new regulations spill over into its coffee business.

It’s all part of the ban on supersized sugary drinks that goes into effect Tuesday, as part of a city effort to fight obesity.

To comply, Dunkin’ Donuts will no longer put sugar in coffee over 16 ounces – you’ll have to do it yourself.

"I'm surprised. I thought it was just like soda and iced teas. I didn't even know it was coffee," said coffee drinker Kaila Gantt.

"It's annoying. I believe it's unnecessary. There's so many other things to worry about in this city,” another coffee drinker Stephanie Ford.

The city isn’t banning restaurants from putting sugar in coffee. The Department of Health says the limit for a barista is four packets of sugar per 20 ounces. Customers themselves can add as much sugar as they want.

Dunkin’ Donuts says it wants to cut down on any confusion.

McDonald’s says it will also tell its customers to add their own sugar in coffee over 16 ounces.

Both places say they’ve been prepping workers to be ready.

Eric Levine is the director of Dallas Barbeque, which has 10 restaurants. When asked if they would stop using 20 ounce glasses, Levine said, “We will when the law says we have to. Right now, we’re sort of in a limbo and we’re allowed by the city law to hold off until I think about June.”

The city says it will not enforce violations for three months as restaurants adjust.

Levine is waiting to see the result of a lawsuit filed by restaurants, beverage companies and other to try and stop the city from its ban on supersized drinks.

He estimates all the changes will cost his business tens of thousands of dollars and plenty of headaches with menu changes, sign changes, digital board changes, website changes and more.

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