Oncenter steps up for bride and groom after Glen Loch closes

A picture-perfect wedding at the Oncenter for a couple who nearly didn't have a ceremony after their original venue closed without notice
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Dan and Amanda Walser were married Saturday afternoon in a ceremony at the OnCenter in downtown Syracuse. The couple planned to have the wedding no matter what, although for a time they weren't sure where.

The couple had previously booked the Glen Loch Restaurant in Jamesville, but the venue closed up shop suddenly and no notification was given to the Sakowski-Walser couple. 

After NewsChannel 9 aired a story featuring the couple and their problem, employees at the OnCenter decided to step in.

Julianna Filippi, the Event Sales and Service Manager at the OnCenter, said, "To see somebody who may be in a tough position, it was important to be able to offer this to them."

As planned, the two were married on September 7, with family and friends by their side. Because of their problems with the Glen Loch, they have a new connection to the Central New York community that helped save their big day.

Dan said, "
I was expecting to just fill in the gaps, and do what we can and hurry up, hopefully it's okay. It ended up being better." 

But, the most important opinion was the bride's opinion. Amanda said, "It's beautiful, it's so beautiful. It's just what I wanted. We couldn't have asked for something this nice."
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