Police push for justice in Levon Wameling case

Hours after announcing that a baby's remains had been positively identified as Levon Wameling, Utica police offered a message to the family.

Utica (WSYR-TV) - Utica police offered reassurance to the family of Levon Wameling that they are pursuing justice.

Hours after police announced that the baby's remains had been positively identified, a message was posted on the department's Facebook page.

"On Behalf of Chief Mark Williams and all the members of the Utica Police Department we offer our sincere condolences to the family members of baby Levon Wameling. Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy and sorrow. We are working diligently to bring you justice."

Another post offered a poem and photo of the baby.

Wameling was 9-months old when he was reported missing in June, two weeks after his father claims the boy disappeared. Jevon Wameling eventually alerted police through an attorney.

A search of the Mohawk River led investigators to the baby's remains two weeks ago. Since then, the family had been waiting for the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office to complete DNA testing.

A statement released on Saturday by investigators reads, "The Utica Police continue to investigate this case, with the hope that the truth will be learned and the person(s) responsible are held accountable."

The Medical Examiner's Officer did not rule on the cause of death.  Police have not arrested anyone in connection with Levon Wameling's disappearance and death.

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