Remaining Chilly

<B>(Tuesday Midday November 27, 2012)</B> Lake effect snow showers will be confined to areas close to the southeast shore of Lake Ontario this afternoon. Elsewhere, there will be a mix of sun and clouds as temperatures come close to 40 degrees. We expect skies to vary between partly and mostly cloudy tonight.
Central New York will remain chilly this afternoon, though with little wind.  Consequently, while there will be a “lake effect”, that is to say snow showers off the lake, with the lack of wind snow showers will not travel too far away from its source…Lake Ontario.  Any accumulations will be light and mainly confined to areas closer to the Lake Ontario shoreline.

The next weather system, a cold front, is forecast to impact our weather tomorrow afternoon and evening as it approaches from the north and west.  Right now, we think impacts in Central New York will be for some snow with the front itself.  Then again when winds shift into the northwest behind the front and areas southeast of Lake Ontario, including Syracuse, will be candidates for more lake effect snow Wednesday night.

There could be a bit more lake effect snow Thursday then we will start to see a change in the weather pattern over us.  We expect temperatures will start to moderate over the weekend as highs may get close to 50 by Sunday and especially Monday.
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