Report: Justice Center inmate’s death was a homicide

A report from the New York State Commission of Correction says that the death of a man who had been restrained by jail deputies at the Onondaga County Justice Center in 2010 was a homicide.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – The New York State Commission of Correction has released a report indicating that the death of a man at the Justice Center in 2010 was a homicide.

The report indicated that Raul Pinet Jr. died of “Asphyxia during restraint. Homicide.”

According to the report, a “spit hood” around Pinet’s head became displaced and he could not breathe properly. In addition, deputies placed him in a “figure-four” restraint position while periodically kneeling on the suspect’s neck and back over his lungs.

The board also rejected the conclusion that Pinet died from “excited delirium.”

"This is a tragedy and we now must let the judicial process take its course," County Executive Joanie Mahoney said in a written statement.

The Onondaga County District Attorney's office issued a release on Tuesday afternoon noting that its investigation into Pinet's death was ongoing. The DA's office began its investigation after it was notified of Pinet's death in August 2010.

The release also said that the DA's office was aware of the Commission of Correction report and had reviewed it.

District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick intends to meet with Pinet's family later in the week, according to the release.

NewsChannel 9 received the report Tuesday after requesting it in 2010. The report was completed on April 17.

31-year-old Pinet was arrested in 2010 on Shonnard Street after police say he tried to break into a home.

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