Slightly cooler tomorrow but a weekend warm-up

<B>(Wednesday Evening January 9, 2013)</B> Cooler air will start to move into central New York tonight on a gusty westerly breeze. There could even be a few rain or snow showers tonight, especially east of Lake Ontario. Expect a good deal of sunshine tomorrow although it will be a touch cooler than today.
After reaching into the upper 40s today, we will see a change in air masses here in central New York. It will however, be a subtle change. A cold front will swing through the region this evening and the cooler air will begin to move in. As it does, the air aloft may be cool enough for a brief period of rain or snow showers, especially east of Lake Ontario.

High pressure builds in tomorrow and that new air mass will mean cooler weather for us.
That aside and even with “cooler air” arriving, we expect temperatures tomorrow to end up above normal by 5 or more degrees. 

A new system coming out of the Plains tomorrow will bring some rain showers to central New York on Friday.  The system will weaken as it approaches so we aren’t expecting any heavy rain.  Before the showers get here, we should take a run at mid 40s so it will be another mild day.

It will really begin to warm-up for the weekend as high pressure becomes established to our south and a series of storm systems tracks to our northwest.  This set up favors unseasonably warm temperatures for the Northeast and we feel highs will approach or possibly exceed 50 Saturday and Sunday. In fact, we have temperatures now in the mid 50s for Saturday which would be close to the record of 57 set in 1932. We would have forecasted even warmer weather for Saturday if it wasn’t for some uncertainty in our cloud cover.

All of this warming will happen as a storm (low pressure) drives northeast through the Great Lakes to start the weekend.  As the low heads up into Canada Sunday, it will drag a cold front into central New York.  That will mean the chance for rain but temperatures will remain mild.
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