Snow & ice for Monday

<B>(Sunday Evening January 27, 2013)</B> Quiet weather persists for the rest of Sunday with high clouds building in. These clouds precede a storm system that will cause very slippery road conditions during Monday’s commute.
An advancing warm front has already begun to thicken our cloud cover, and will continue to do so for the remainder of Sunday. We stay on the quiet side through much of the night, but Monday will feature much more active weather compared to what we’ve seen this weekend. As the warm front approaches, air stays cold enough to allow for snow showers to fall during Monday morning. It is likely that most will see around 1-3” of snow fall through midday. Embedded snow squalls are possible, and visibility may be greatly reduced at times during the Monday morning commute. It is advisable to leave extra time when traveling on Monday due to the snow showers and slippery road conditions.

In the afternoon, warmer air aloft will begin gliding over the colder air at the surface, causing precipitation to fall as rain, but then freeze as it hits the ground. This freezing rain, combined with sleet and potentially some snow still mixing in will make for a slow-going afternoon commute for Monday as well. Again, road conditions may be very poor as we head into Monday evening. Up to 0.l” of ice is possible on top of the snow from earlier Monday.

The warm up continues and the ice changes slowly over to rain by Tuesday. Temperatures will be in the mid 40s by then. We’ll stay mild through Wednesday, but increasing winds will play into the forecast as a cold front arrives. Winds could gust close to 50mph. When the front passes early Thursday morning, temperatures get knocked down again and stay cold through the end of the week, reintroducing lake effect snow showers.
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