Some school districts likely to ‘give back’ unused snow days

Even though we’re still dealing with winter weather, some school districts are starting to prepare for what they'll do with unused snow days. One district has already settled on giving back three days.
Camillus (WSYR-TV) - Even though we're closing in on 100 inches of snow in Syracuse and winter is dragging on, it hasn't caused major disruptions for schools.

Some school districts are starting to prepare for what they'll do with unused snow days.

Many in Onondaga County have used only one or none at all this winter.

With a cancellation still possible, North Syracuse, Fayetteville-Manlius, Jordan-Elbridge, Jamesville-DeWitt, LaFayette, and Marcellus are still waiting to decide on whether they'll be giving back any unused snow days.

Baldwinsville, Liverpool, and Onondaga know they will not be giving back any days because of how they build their school calendars.

In the end, every student goes to school almost the same number of days every school year.

West Genesee has only cancelled school once this season so it’s planning on giving back three days: one on April 8 just for students, and they'll add the day before and after the Memorial Day weekend

It's the second year in a row for giving back unused snow days.

West Genesee Superintendent Dr. Chris Brown said, "When I was a new superintendent, almost 14 years ago, I kind of cut myself short in a couple of calendars when it came to snow days and I've learned through experience sometimes it's okay to over budget snow days and if you get to this time of year where it's likely to not have another snow day to decide to give some of those days back."

There's no guarantee that West Genesee won't need another snow day but if they do, Brown says he'll probably take back a staff development day towards the end of the school year leaving those three give-backs in place.

"When you look at some of the things our staff and our students have been asked to do from the state over the past couple of years, they're at their maximum of what they can handle I think.  Having a couple extra days here or there, especially that time of year, I think allows everybody to push that recharge button a little bit and make a big push into the end of the school year,” Brown said.

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