Superstorm At A Glance: New York state

Some key information about the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in New York.
NEW YORK (AP) - Some key information about the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in New York:

POWER OUTAGES: About 559,000 customers remain without electricity statewide, down from a peak of about 2.2 million Tuesday. Most continue to be in New York City, its northern suburbs and on Long Island, where the Long Island Power Authority was reporting about 282,000 still without power as of 10 p.m. Sunday. Con Edison was reporting about 176,000 out of power, Orange and Rockland had 79,000, New York State Electric & Gas reported about 21,000 and Central Hudson Gas and Electric had 70.

EVACUATIONS: 375,000 people were ordered to leave flood-prone zones in New York City.

SHELTERS: About 4,800 people stayed at 14 shelters Sunday in New York City.

DEATHS: At least 47, including at least 40 in New York City. Deaths were attributed to falling trees, drowning, electrocution and car accidents.

CLOSINGS: All New York City schools, accept for 65, are expected to reopen Monday. Of those, 57 were damaged and eight will remain open as temporary shelters. Students at those schools will be relocated. Service in most of New York's subway system resumed operations. All Metro-North commuter rails resumed full service. The Long Island Rail Road commuter lines will have limited service on all of its lines. All three of the city's major airports are open. Amtrak restarted modified service to New York City, including from Albany-Rensselaer.

HIGHLIGHTS: As a cold snap set in on Sunday, Mayor Bloomberg said 20,000 people could need housing help because of damaged homes or lack of heat. Besides Red Cross shelters, FEMA said anyone with a storm-damaged home could get a voucher for temporary housing in a hotel.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Nights are the worst because you feel like you're outside when you're inside. You shiver yourself to sleep." - Genice Josey of the Far Rockaway section of Queens, who wears long johns under her pajamas and sleeps under three blankets.

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