Syracuse man dedicated to "homeless ministry"

For a Syracuse man dedicated to "homeless ministry,” biking across the country wasn't doing enough.
SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) - For a Syracuse man dedicated to "homeless ministry,” biking across the country wasn't doing enough.

Andrew Lunetta raised $5,000 for the Brady Faith Center, biking from Syracuse to California. Now that he has returned, Lunetta is taking a new, personal approach to connecting with homeless men in our community.

“So I thought about things that were really lacking among the homeless. Community, a good solid community that embraced sobriety and employment was absolutely lacking,” said Lunetta.

To help, Lunetta turned his house into a home, and invited three unlikely roommates to pay minimal rent and live with him.

Those three roommates are formally homeless and have suffered alone through alcoholism, drug addiction, and untreated mental illnesses.

Lunetta said inviting them into his home was the type of intervention they hoped for years ago.

“They know exactly the point at which there should have been an intervention and it never happened. So, it's clear to me that somewhere down the line something got messed up, slipped through the cracks,” said Lunetta.

Lunetta and his roommates all sit around the table for dinner almost every night, offering encouragement and motivation to each other.

“Just seeing the progress of this home, the progress of some of the fellas, and the community here that it's not impossible and you can still get that greatness out of people even having to work through years of tough stuff,” said Lunetta.

Lunetta is also the director of Pedal to Possibilities, a program in Syracuse for the homeless that offers group bike rides for exercise and motivation.

After ten rides, the rider gets to keep their own bike.

For more information about the program, click here.

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