Turning colder tonight

<B>(Wednesday Evening January 2 , 2013)</B> Snow showers will come to an end this evening over the Finger Lakes and skies will at least partially clear tonight across central New York. This will allow temperatures to drop quickly overnight as we end up close to 0 by daybreak. After a cold start tomorrow, we will warm on a southwesterly wind with some flurries or light snow developing in the afternoon.
Lake effect snow from earlier today will continue to fall apart tonight as our wind turns into the east. Meanwhile, our skies are expected to clear and with all the fresh snowpack and light winds our temperatures will likely plummet.  Syracuse will end up near 0 which is quite a ways from the record low of -12 for the day; it will be the coldest morning so far this early winter season.

Tomorrow, low pressure will be tracking east across the Great Lakes with a cold front extending south into the Ohio Valley.  Winds will turn into the southwest ahead of this system so even though we start cold we should ‘warm’ back into the mid 20s.  As the front gets closer, look for flurries or even a period of light snow in the afternoon. Winds preceding the front will be out of the west so we think for a while Thursday night there should be some steady, heavier snow east of Lake Ontario.  Over the Tug Hill Plateau there could even be six inches or more of accumulation.

Winds will turn into the northwest for Friday which will mean a limited amount of lake effect snow showers southeast of the lake closer to Syracuse.

Starting later in the weekend and especially next week, the seasonably cold air that is over us now will be ready to depart and head back north into Canada.  That means we could be in for extended period of above normal temperatures as our air will be of Pacific Ocean origin as opposed to Canada. The stretch of milder air could last well into the extended forecast period.
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