Vinyl albums making a comeback

While digital music is becoming the norm, an older form of music listening is coming back in style.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – While digital music is becoming the norm, an older form of music listening is coming back in style.

Vinyl is making a comeback with baby boomers, young adults and high school and college students.

According to The Sound Garden in Syracuse, vinyl record sales jumped 18 percent last year and that number is expected to rise in 2013.

What is making people switch back to vinyl?

"What we hear time after time is, it just sounds better,” said Rod Littler with HiOnFi.

Vinyl offers better range than the compressed digital files you find on a CD or downloaded song.

This compression can eliminate certain musical elements of a song, essentially reducing sound quality.

Employees at HiOnFi say more people are starting to take notice.

"I have this album and I also have this CD. I thought I was hearing things while listening to my vinyl because there were pieces in there that I never heard on a CD that are coming out in the album,” Littler said.

Album enthusiasts say there is more to the experience than just the sound. There's the art on the jacket, pictures and information, such as who sang backup vocals.

"The Black Keys are a great band that has embraced the vinyl resurgence 100 percent,” said Eric Brush with The Sound Garden.

The Sound Garden has expanded their vinyl section to accommodate the growing list of new releases and relatively recent albums, which previously were only available in digital format.

"You know, listening to music that they may have listened to five, six years ago and you put it on a vinyl record and it sounds almost completely different,” Brush said.

Labels are becoming creative with the vinyl trend as they look to cash in on its resurgence.

"They can form the vinyl into a bunch of different, cool looking shapes. This is a tear drop, this is a new artist named Alice Russell,” Brush explained.

Interest in vinyl has also increased sales in turntables as they are needed to play the albums.

HiOnFi says interest in its vintage turntables has skyrocketed in the last year and The Sound Garden says people new to vinyl are buying many entry-level turntables.

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