Warming through the weekend

<B>(Thursday Afternoon January 10, 2013)</B> Yet another day is expected today where temperatures rise above typical mid-January values. With the mild weather will be a fair amount of sunshine. Enjoy the sun, because rain is on the way!
High pressure is forecast to move east and should be located near Boston, MA by early tomorrow morning.  This should provide the region nice, mild mid-January weather today.  Meanwhile, the low over the southern Plain States is forecast to move north and northeast and located west of Chicago by early tomorrow. In doing so, clouds will increase tonight with showers developing sometime near the midday hour tomorrow.  Showers are expected to end sometime Friday night.

While all of that is occurring, a frontal boundary will be moving east and is forecast to be in the vicinity of the Mississippi River Valley by Saturday morning.  This will result in an even bigger warm-up this weekend and we feel highs reach into the 50s Saturday and Sunday. In fact on Saturday, we could be close to the record of 57 set in 1932. We would have forecasted even warmer weather for Saturday if it weren’t for some uncertainty in our cloud cover.

All of this warming will happen as a storm (low pressure) drives northeast through the Great Lakes to start the weekend.  As the low heads up into Canada Sunday, it will drag a cold front into Central New York.  That will mean the chance for rain but temperatures will remain very mild.

Looking into early next week, cooler weather is scheduled to arrive early next week as high temperatures return to levels that are closer to reality for this time of year.  Even farther down the pike, there are indications that sharply colder weather may try and move back into the region later next week and beyond.  However, that is many days away and things may change.
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