Missing pet bird found, Good Samaritan declines $10,000 reward money

DeWITT, N.Y. (WSYT-TV) - A New Hampshire family can now sleep easier at night-- their pet that was stolen from their car Thursday night has been returned to them. 

Emmett, a yellow-napped Amazon bird, was stolen out of Harriet Finks’ car  in the parking lot of Texas Roadhouse on Erie Boulevard in DeWitt.

The owners were offering a $10,000 reward for Emmett's return.

An Oneida woman said the bird was left on her porch-- she saw the bird was missing on Facebook and reached out to the Finks.

The woman did not want the award money, but was just glad to see a happy reunion. 

Fink was in town for a horse show, and she stopped at Texas Roadhouse for dinner around when Emmett was taken from her car sometime between 7:15 p.m. and 9 p.m. Thursday. 

Emmett came into the lives of the Finks family after tragedy, when fire tore through their New Hampshire farm.

“Everything burned to the ground. We lost 15 horses, these were my daughters’— they were all personal horses,” Finks said.

Finks said her daughter went into shock after the fire and was not able to talk.

But then came Emmett, and she began to heal.

“My daughter is able to work now, because of the bird, she'll speak to people because of the bird, she helps her cope with life,” Finks said.


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