Money in Your Pocket: Reasons for Fed Rate Increases

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The Fed raised interest rates, and stocks responded favorably.


Why is it that a couple of years ago, talk of an interest rate change sparked fear in the markets?


According to financial adviser Rick Reagan, the explanation is simple.


When the economy is doing well, it can withstand rate increases.


Unemployment is at 4.7%, which is considered close to full employment.


There’s more.


People are finally getting raises.


This puts money in people’s pockets and they’re spending more.  The economy is getting better.


Not only that, but CEO confidence is up monthly, with a big rise since November.


Put it all together and it justifies a rate increase and the improving economy.


Financial adviser Rick Reagan appears regularly on NewsChannel 9.


If you have a question for Rick, you can e-mail anytime at

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