New York State Fair rides undergo rigorous inspections before opening

Published 08/21 2014 07:01PM

Updated 08/21 2014 07:34PM

Geddes (WSYR-TV) - Jonathan Brooks’ company, Wagner Consulting Group, was hired by Wade Shows to handle their ride inspections.

Brooks’ says “every ride” out here is inspected “every day” and that it’s even documented.

“We go around and make sure all of these pins are in place all the bushings here are good,” said Brooks.

If they find a problem Brooks tells us they ride is automatically closed until it’s fixed and undergoes further inspections the days following as follow up.

Brooks tells us the time it takes to fix issues vary based on the “severity” of what’s wrong and that it isn’t uncommon to find small issues like pieces that weren’t “properly assembled.”

“Our job is to make sure those minor things don't turn into bigger things,” Brooks added.

The Midway’s new roller coaster, one of the two largest traveling the country, has a lengthy, more complex inspection, according to Brooks.

“We touch every wheel, every bolt, everything on each train that is operating on this coaster,” Brooks explained as part of the daily check for the coaster.

Part of that check is looking at the restraint bars.

“We wanna make sure that it comes up and it closes and it locks,” Brooks said.

After each ride is physically inspected, two test rides follow.

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