US Army training trailer gives Fair-goers an up-close look at military life

Published 08/22 2014 06:41PM

Updated 08/22 2014 06:48PM

Geddes (WSYR-TV) – The US Army is at the State Fair to give Fair-goers a chance to learn what military life is like.

The US Army Recruiting Battalion has a trailer filled with high-tech simulators, giving people the opportunity to see and touch the equipment soldiers use every day.

In addition, US Army personnel are on hand to give people an idea of what someone can expect if they join the military.

“Every soldier who enlists receives skilled training in a specific job, they're not running around carrying a rifle,” said Mark Burns of the US Army Public Affairs office.

Burns explained that the simulator is more than a video game.

"Come out and see what we do. It isn't just Call of Duty, Black Hawk Down – real equipment you can see,” he said.

Burns said that enlistment tends to improve after the State Fair, but he stressed that you must meet certain criteria: you have to be physically fit, have a high school diploma, be without major law violations, and, most importantly, have a willingness to serve your country.

The training trailer is located near the Coliseum at the Fairgrounds.

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