NewsChannel 9 anchor and her daughter promote literacy at Allen Road

CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - In the era of tablets and smartphones, it can be hard to convince children to pick up an old fashioned book.

Thursday night, NewsChannel 9 anchor and children’s book author Christie Casciano and her hockey playing daughter, Sophia, visited Allen Road Elementary in the North Syracuse school district to promote literacy.

While they were there, Casciano and her daughter not only discussed children’s books, they shared the importance of coping mechanisms for dealing with common struggles on sports teams, as well at the importance of teamwork.

“Literacy is important for any children of any age. It doesn't matter what their challenges are or what their strengths are, they love books, they love non-fiction books, they love sports books,” said first-grade teacher Tricia Burns.

The event – organized by the Allen Road PTO -- included a spring book fair.

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