Number of firearms found at airport security checkpoints on record pace

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - The Transportation Security Administration is growing more and more worried with the expanding number of firearms caught at airport security checkpoints around the country.

It is legal to fly with firearms, but only if you do it the right way.

The TSA says first unload the firearm and store it in a hard covered case.

Separate the ammunition from the weapon, but put it in the hard case and then put a sturdy pad lock on the case.

Make sure to declare it to the airline at the ticket counter, each has carrier has different rules. They'll put it in the belly of the plane so nobody has access to it in the cabin.

Lisa Farbstein, a spokesperson for the TSA, tells NewsChannel 9, "The most common excuse we hear is that they forgot they had it with them. The next most common excuse is that my husband packed my bag or my wife packed my bag and I didn't know it was in there. But guess what those excuses still don't fly."

Make sure, no matter how well you've packed it away, you don't bring it up to the security checkpoint

Farbstein says, "You don't want it to be at the checkpoint because it's going to delay you, it’s going to delay the people behind you. We have to call the police and the police take it over from there."

She says some will arrest you, some will cite you and a typical first offense will cost you about $3,000.

Click here for more information on the proper way to fly with a firearm and ammunition.

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