On The Lookout: Keeping your valuables safe during the holidays

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - With Black Friday coming up, it's a prime time for most people to get their holiday shopping done. It could also be a prime time for car prowlers to be lurking in parking lots for valuables and recent purchases.

NewsChannel 9's Christie Casciano teamed up with Cicero Police to give you a holiday edition of On The Lookout, giving you tips on how to keep your valuables protected while you're out shopping. 

In the parking lot:

Hit the lock button on your keys as you're headed to your car. Your door should already be locked, but the beep will draw the public's attention to your vehicle, so shoppers around you are at least aware.

Park underneath a light during nighttime hours 

Walk with your keys in between your knuckles in the event that you have to use it as a weapon

If you can't take your valuables with you, hide them in Tupperware. People looking into your car will only see the container, not what's inside.

Your dry cleaning in the window can also block the view of people looking into your car. 


Keep your purse on you and zipped at all times-- even if it's not necessarily convenient. 

It also helps to keep your purse under your coat if you're standing up, or in between your feet if you are sitting down. 

See more tips below: 

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